Triviador Foundation
Creating Equal Opportunities for Disadvantaged Youth

Our mission is to establish sustainable, self-reliant rural micro-communities that provide an attractive life-model and housing for children leaving foster care or state orphanage institutions.

We would like to establish the framework for multiple communities where disadvantaged youth with a will to succeed have a chance to achieve their life goals. This community farming in harmony with nature is also a purpose for these youngsters to build their own future, and together create a more sustainable life and environment.
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Even with a small donation you can do a lot to help create a home and a sustainable, self-reliant micro-community for the youth supported by the Triviador Foundation.

Donation can be made on the following bank account:

IBAN: HU42 1160 0006 0000 0000 9912 3279
Beneficiary Name: Honfoglaló Alapítvány
Beneficiary Bank: ERSTE BANK Hungary Zrt.

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In addition to supporting these youngsters, our goal is to create self-sustaining homes and communities, environmentally conscious agriculture and a self-sustaining, independent lifestyle.

We believe that a self-sustaining environment and responsible farming are key to our collective survival.

The foundation communities can also serve as a model to be copied and re-created by anyone.
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Why did we feel we had to take this initiative?

After reading the below facts we were quite shocked, and decided that it was time for us to take action.

Did you know that in Hungary close to 24 000 children live in state care (foster care, state orphanage)?

Did you know that this number is larger than the number of children living in any major Hungarian city?

Did you know that these children fall into state care for reasons completely beyond their control (sexual and physical abuse, neglect, etc)?

Did you know that at the age of 18 most of these youngsters are let go from these institutions without further support, unprepared for "real life"? Without help, they almost inevitably lose track and slide down to the bottom of the social ladder.

How would we like to help?

The Triviador Foundation helps provide housing for these youngsters, while preparing them for independent work and adult life within the framework of the foundation community.
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Bank Account number:
IBAN: HU42 1160 0006 0000 0000 9912 3279
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